We love manufacturing and technology

We focus our energies on getting our products right. This means they do a great job for our customers and help our customers see new ways to improve their production.

Our philosophy is to take complex challenges and offer simple solutions. This does two things: it makes our products easy to use and keeps service and maintenance costs low. We focus on reducing moving parts, online servicing, online calibration and we aim to never visit our customers for service issues. Rather we prefer to plan our customer visits for advanced training, discussing how to optimise use of our technologies and getting feedback on what we can do better.

We are the custodians of the c-tex brand and we take this responsibility seriously. Since our first installation of c-tex products over 20 years ago we have enjoyed developing our products, nurturing them and working with our customers. This approach and attitude has created one of the most trusted brands in apparel, with over 1000 installations.

Over this time we have been lucky to work with some of the industry’s top managers and retailers across the world to really understand the challenges faced in sewn products manufacturing environments.