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Do you have a dark and lonely corner in your factory where you inspect incoming rolled goods?

Have you ever wondered exactly what the purpose of the process is and how it helps the business?

If you really do give it some thought you will realise you can get an awful lot more value out of that dark corner not only to have more productive data for your textile process or textile supplier but also to create great data to plan your cutting room production.We can retrofit our length and width measurement together with our full software suite onto your existing inspection frames or, if you need best-in-class inspection frame hardware then you will want to find out more about the c-tex fabric inspection machine.

Our c-tex retrofit kit is called the c-tex master which includes length and width measurement and our full software suite for fault input and data analysis.

Our machine is called the c-tex fabric inspection machine

The c-tex master enables customers to retrofit the full C-TEX measuring and analysis capability to any make or model of inspection equipment.

The c-tex master will improve materials utilisation, reduce waste and ensure you get the best fabric from your supplier.

Materials utilisation improvement and waste reduction

  • Width measurement for usable width data and production planning.
  • Improve your material utilisation by managing your production using data of actual fabric in stock.
  • Fault mapping for production planning
  • Flexible report capability to give you practical management of data.

Get the best from your supplier

  • Length measurement to reclaim lost fabric and plan production.
  • Automated generation of quality reports and supplier claims.
  • Easy creation of fault discount tables.
  • Quality grading to compare suppliers.

Other features

  • Operator performance monitoring.
  • Change between languages for easy operator use, automated supplier reports and access for central purchasing and analysis.
  • Link with corporate management software.
  • Link data from multiple machines and factories.

The c-tex fabric inspection machine (with c-tex master option) can be supplied to handle a wide range of rolled materials, from tension sensitive elastomeric and Lycra fabrics to stable cottons.

  • Verify NET roll length batch and USABLE width.
  • Objectively appraise suppliers.
  • Improve material utilisation.
  • Accurately width incoming rolls.
  • Improve the quality of incoming fabric.
  • Reduce administration.

Tensionless input – cloth roll bar feed or twin unwind rollers

Fabric is unwound off the roll without introducing tension.

Lazy loop feed option for tension sensitive fabrics

Fabric is unwound into a photocell controlled lazy loop.

Tension control

Electronic feed control allows fabric to be rewound with or without tension.

Calibrated length measurement

Fabric length is measured using an industry standard calibrated measuring wheel combined with an adjustable pressure roller to eliminate material slippage.

Automatic width monitoring

Fabric width is measured throughout the complete length of roll.

Accurate edge control

Photoelectrical sensors for accurate re-rolling of material.

Consistent output – twin rewind rollers

Processed rolls are rewound with the minimum amount of tension and are consistent from roll to roll.

Data collection and analysis system

The data collected is automatically processed offering objective supplier appraisal and management information for production planning.