c-tex relaxing machine

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Over the years we have seen garment factories create the most amazing, intricate and inventive ways in order to overcome shrinkage problems. However nearly all of them involve a lot of space, lost time and labour – and do not quite solve the problem.

With the increasing use of elastomeric and Lycra fabrics in all sectors of apparel and textile industries the C-TEX RM Relaxing Machine was developed to provide optimum handling and utilisation of tension sensitive fabric.

The c-tex relaxing machine gives you rolls with consistent tension that can be spread immediately on automated spreading machines, saving time and space whilst also reducing out of tolerance cut parts and re-working.

  • Roll to roll process so that material can be used by an automated spreading machine
  • 2 stages of fabric relaxation: last-loop and air floatation
  • Edge control for increasing productivity of spreading machines
  • Automatic width monitoring at 20 times per second for optimising markers and nests
  • Length measurement by calibrated pressure adjustable digital output measuring wheel
  • Automated collection of data for use by management for cutting room planning
Technical Specification Metric Imperial
Speed 0 to 60 metres/min 0 to 65 yards/min
Fabric width 2500mm 98 inches
Overall width 3800mm 149 inches
Overall machine height 1600mm 63 inches
Overall machine depth 1800mm 71 inches
Standard roll diameter 450mm (larger on request) 18 inches
Standard roll weight 80KG (heavier on request) 176 lb
Electrical requirements 240v, 50Hz (single phase) 110v, 60Hz